Aramid & PTFE Packing From TENGLONG Sealing

TENGLONG Aramid & PTFE packing is manufactured from aramid fiber yarns and lubricated with PTFE. It offers a unique combination of extremely high tensile strength, lasting resilience, low thermal expansion, low coefficient of friction and wide chemical resistance.

This kind of aramid packing is ideal for use as anti-extrusion, abrasion resistant, back-up rings, with other packing types, to increase the life of any packing combination.

kevlar packing from Tenglong.jpg

Aramid Packing Inpregnated with PTFE / TENGLONG Sealing

Features of TENGLONG Aramid & PTFE Packing:

ü  Impregnated with PTFE dispersion

ü  Suitable for Pumps (rotary and reciprocating) and valves, including high pressure or high mechanical loading conditions

ü  Superior lubrication leads to less wear and higher shaft speed capability


Other Aramid packing products we have: Aramid Packing with Silicone Core, Aramid Packing with Fiberglass Core, Graphite-PTFE Aramid Packing, Aramid Packing Ring…

kevlar packing with silicone core.JPG

(Aramid Packing with Silicon Core / TENGLONG Sealing) 

graphite-PTFE kevlar packing mass.JPG

(Graphite-PTFE Aramid packing / TENGLONG Sealing)

 workshop glangpacking Tenglong.JPG

(Gland Packing Workshop / TENGLONG Sealing)


braided gland packing.jpg


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