Asbestos Free Sheet From Tenglong Sealing

Made of special non-asbestos heat-resisting Fibre, heat-resisting packing material and nature rubber compound heating and compression molding it. Tenglong / Sunpass non asbestos sheets are designed for a wide range of applications in petrochemistry, chemistry, industrial and other equipment requiring specific sealing solutions. A comprehensive range of grades is available covering a wide spectrum of applications.


Good sealability

Good flexibility

Highly compressible

Resistant to creep and cold


Easy to cut and install

Low compressive load to seal

Technical data:




Asbestos free sheet blue from Tenglong_

Tenglong sealing since1979, specializes in producing high quality Packing, including: Kevlar Gland PackingPTFE Gland PackingGraphite Gland PackingCarbon Gland PackingRamie Gland PackingPTFE GasketsGraphite Gasket, Graphite Ring, EPDM/PTFE Envelop Gasket

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