Fellow Seals High-end Custom Road

Auto seal production, daishan has more than 10 manufacturers. Along with intensified competition in the industry, many companies took the road of transformation and upgrading, fellow seals look to the long term, integration with the European and American markets, committed to the development of production metal head gasket, get out of a high-end custom development path.

In fellow sealed pieces factory, author see, production workshop in a tablets Golden of metal cylinder pad neatly to placed with, according to General Manager Zhu Yongdao introduced, these cylinder pad are is used stainless steel metal making of, not only than traditional material of heat sex to high many, can repeatedly cycle using, and not on environment produced pollution, while using has Viton material supplement material Hou, more improve has products of sealed lasting sex. Screen printing of Viton also applied for national patents.

Fellow seal factory production car seals one year, while noting that Europe and the United States became popular after the metallic cylinder head gasket, the company seize the opportunity, pay close attention to research and development of new products, current production of silk screen printing metal cylinder head gasket has reached more than 30 kinds of varieties, and have exclusive brands, export to Iraq, and Russia, and Turkey and the United States and other countries.