Fiberglass Cloth : A New Building Material For External Wall Heat Insulation

Fiberglass Cloth is an alkali resistant products made of alkali or alkali-free glass fiber yarn. The raw materials were woven into a fiberglass mesh for the substrate, and then coated with acrylic copolymer after drying.

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(Fiberglass Cloth / TENGLONG Sealing)

TENGLONG Fiberglass Cloth has the features of structural stability, high strength, good alkali resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-cracking, etc., It is mainly used on the surface inside and outside of cement, plaster, walls, buildings and other structures to enhance and anti-crack.

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(Silicon Coated Fiberglass Cloth / TENGLONG Sealing)

TENGLONG Sealing from China has been specialized in Fiberglass products manufacturing for 38 years, Our commitment to quality has always been directly linked to the customers, who have consistently been the driving force behind all our strategic planning and achievement. Our objective continues to be the identification of the customers’ requirements and the satisfactory fulfillment of those requirements within acceptable quality standards.

Other products we have: Fiberglass Tape, Fiberglass Rope, Fiberglass Blanket... Ceramic Textiles are also available.



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