Fiberglass Packing With PTFE From Tenglong China

The Fiberglass Braided Packing is produced using only the special high-quality glass yarns. These glass yarns are braided with 4 diagonals as well as impregnated with a PTFE dispersion for maximum durability. In addition, this is typically applicable for buffers involved in wire-drawing mills. It also has a top-rate mechanical resistance to abrasion.


The intimate “all-points” combination of the yarn permits the fiberglass to conduct heat away from the Aramid throughout the packing mass, resulting in increased dimensional stability and constant sealing effectiveness.

  • Fiberglass combined with PTFE permeation increases chemical resistance.

  • This is a denser, less porous packing than conventional all Aramid styles. Thus, it does not tend to roll in the stuffing box and is less able to extrude.

  • Style 50/50 has high run-out deflection.

  • Its superior density reduces migration of particles under pressure.


Use as a superior general pump packing in slurries, congealing fluids, vacuum pumps, petroleum products and mild chemicals.



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