Flexible Graphite Ring From Tenglong To Pakistan

An expanded graphite based material that has excellent chemical and thermal resistance. Its high creep resistance and high compressibility make it suitable for highly demanding conditions in the chemical and petrochemical industries, gas supply, compressors and pumps. 

Plain graphite sheet can be used for flange gasket in relatively low pressure sealing condition. Attributing to good thermal conductivity of graphite, it is an ideal filler material for metal jacketed gaskets (corrugated metal gaskets, heat exchanger gaskets).


1. Exceptional resistance to blow-out and crushing.

2. Tough and versatile composite for high pressures and high temptures.

3. Thermal conductive, electrical conductive.                                                                                        

4. Solid die-formed ring, ready-to-use seal. 



1. Sealing for valves, pumps and expansion joints.

2. Widely used in oil industry, thermoelectric power plant.       





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