Graphite Packing Overview And Specifications

Graphite packing is mainly composed of graphite material and various reinforcing fibers, metal wire (wire, copper wire, nickel wire, carbon fibers, pre-oxidized fiber, glass yarn), obtained by weaving.


Graphite packing suitable for dynamic sealing at high temperature and pressure conditions. Apart from some strong oxidant, graphite packing can be used to seal hot water, Overheated steam, heat transfer fluid, ammonia solution, hydrocarbons, cryogenic liquids and so on. Mainly used for valves, pumps, reaction tanks under high temperature, high pressure, Corrosion-resistant material. It is a unique universal sealing packing.


Tenglong Sealing Graphite Packing Products:

Pure Flexible Graphite Packing , Pure Flexible Graphite Packing Impregnanted With PTFE, Graphite Packing With Fiberglass Thread, Flexible Graphite Packing Inconel Wire Jacketed Mesh…If meet your need, welcome to contact us.




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