High Quality Of Carbonized Fiber Yarn From Tenglong Sealing

Carbon fiber (carbon fiber, called CF), a carbon content of more than 95% of high-strength, high modulus fiber material new fiber. It is composed of flake graphite crystallites along the fiber and other organic fibers in the axial direction from a pile, and crystallite graphite material by graphitizing carbonized obtained. Carbon fiber "soft on the outside and hard inside," quality aluminum lighter than metal, but the strength is higher than steel, and corrosion resistant, high modulus characteristics, in terms of military and civilian defense are important materials. It not only has the inherent intrinsic characteristic of the carbon material, and both the soft workability textile fibers, a new generation of reinforcing fibers.


  1. High strength & modulus

  2. Corrosion resistent

  3. Electrical & thermal conductor

  4. Flame resistent







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