High Quality Of Fiberglass Lagging Rope From Tenglong Sealing

Fibreglass rope lagging is made with a texturised glass fibre core then finished with a fibreglass yarn braid on the outside. It is light weight, high in strength and has low thermal conductivity. Fibreglass ropes are used as an asbestos replacement. Applications include a range of sealing and heat insulation applications.

Key Features: 

It is lightweight and resilient with excellent resistance to high temperatures. It also has low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal stability and is resistant to thermal shock.



Sealing rings, expansion joint packing on boilers, chimney door seals, heat exchanger seals, furnace seals, kiln seals, oven door seals, bulbs for tadpole seal.

Because it is made from fibreglass, lagging has very good chemical resistance. Its dense core also helps ensure that it exhibits very good tensile strength. It does not breakdown when exposed to steam (even when saturated). Rope has very good heat dissipation properties and low thermal conductivity. This ensures you achieve excellent insulation performance from the physical space available.




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