Introduction Of Fiberglass Rope

Fiberglass rope from TENGLONG Sealing is constructed of high-quality fiberglass yarns, knitted into both soft and dense rope forms.  Fiberglass rope will not burn and is suitable for use in continuous temperatures to 1000°F (540°C).

fiberglass rope from Tenglong with carton package.jpg

(Fiberglass Rope / TENGLONG Sealing)

Common applications for fiberglass rope include seals for boilers, ovens and stoves as well as high temperature industrial packing and expansion joints.  Most fiberglass ropes can be wire jacketed with stainless steel mesh for abrasion resistance, coated with high temperature silicone elastomer, over-braided with fiberglass or supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) to ease initial installation.


Specification of TENGLONG Fiberglass Rope:


fiberglass rope coated silicon 1 from Tenglong.jpg

(Fiberglass Rope Coated Silicon from TENGLONG)

Fiberglass rope from tegnlong.jpg

(Fiberglass Rope / TENGLONG Sealing)

workhome of fiberglass rope from tegnlong.jpg

(Workshop of TENGLONG Fiberglass Rope)


TENGLONG Sealing is among the eminent names in the industry for supplying and trading Fiberglass Products for our valued customers. The offered Fiberglass Products includes Fiberglass cloth, tape, Blanket, Board…Ceramic Fiber Products are also available.

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