Introduction Of Non-asbestos Gasket

Non-asbestos Gasket is a sealing material obtained by aramid fiber, plant fiber, nitrile rubber and inorganic minerals rolling at a high temperature. 


(Raw material: Non-asbestos Sheet / TENGLONG)

Due to its low content of asbestos fiber, it is a good alternative product for TENGLONG Asbestos Gasket. TENGLONG Non-asbestos Gasket not only has both high strength and good resilience, but also has a superior anti-penetration performance. It is considered as an environmental-friendly material to replace asbestos gasket under high temperature and pressure. 

Main use of TENGLONG Non-asbestos Gasket: static seal for industrial pipe flange in ship, oil refining, chemical industries.

Other non-asbestos products in TENGLONG: Non-asbestos Sheet, Spiral Wound Gasket with Non-asbestos filler…

non asbestos sheet crate 3.jpg

(Package of TENGLONG Non-asbestos Sheet)

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