Molex Sealed Connection System Of Launch ML-XTTM

Molex introduces ML-XT sealed connection system, this highly reliable safety sealing solutions enable commercial vehicles under adverse conditions in the application of electrical faults to a minimum, both original equipment manufacturers and wire harness manufacturer saves Assembly cost. ML-XT system complies with IP68 protection standards, able to withstand the powerful flushing of J2030, using one-piece design of the plug shell and seals through the top two LSR (liquid silicone rubber) injection-molding technology to achieve permanent bonding. This enables permanent and plug seals with repeatable effect and prevent the seal scroll in the swap process, ensure correct seal positioning operation. In addition, you can eliminate installation seals and maintenance risk of lost or missing.

Molex Denis O'Sullivan, global product manager, said: "most of the standard system at the time of delivery is not to provide shell gland, causing sealing exposed, without any protection. ML-XT systems containing shell pre-assembled rear seal, lock firmly in place and protected by locking back the CAP. In addition, avoid the need for welding. In this way, Molex can be for a variety of use under harsh environmental applications of existing commercial vehicles direct replacement of standard sealed connectors provide cost-effective products. ”