Packing Installation Instructions: Pump Sealing Packing (4)

Step 5:

If a lantern ring is provided, make sure the lantern ring is installed under the pipe tap hole.

Step 6:

After the last ring is installed, bring the follower down on the packing and finger-tighten the gland nuts. Do not jam the packing by excessive gland loading. Start pump, and tighten the bolts until leakage is decreased to a tolerable minimum. Make sure gland bolts are tightened evenly. Stopping leakage entirely at this point will cause the packing to burn up.

Step 7:

Allow packing to leak freely upon startup after repack. Gradually reducing leakage during the first hour of operation will result in a better seal over a longer period of time. Tighten the gland nuts one flat at a time until the desired leakage is obtained, and the pump is running cool.


As for pump, we’d like to recommend the following Braided Mechanical Packing products:

ü High Carbon Compression Sealing Packing

ü Graphite Braided Rope Packing

ü Aramid Sealing Packing / Kevlar Pump Packing

ü GFO Mechanical Packing / Graphite PTFE Braided Packing

ü Graphite Aramid Sealing Packing

ü Carbon Braided Mechanical Packing

ü Acrylic Packing Braided Rope Packing

ü Ramie Packing Compression Sealing Packing


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