Packing Installation Instructions: Valve Stem Gland Packing (2)

Packing Installation Instructions: Valve Stem Gland Packing (2)

Step 2:

Measure and record stem diameter, stuffing box bore and box depth. To determine the correct packing size, measure the diameter of the stem (inside the stuffing box area if possible), and the diameter of the stuffing box bore. Subtract the I.D. measurement from the O.D. measurement, and divide the difference by two. This is the required cross-sectional size.


As for valve, we’d like to recommend the following Braided Mechanical Packing products:

ü High Carbon Compression Sealing Packing

ü Graphite Braided Rope Packing

ü Pure PTFE Sealing Packing / Teflon Pump Packing

ü GFO Mechanical Packing / Graphite PTFE Braided Packing


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