Packing Installation Instructions: Valve Stem Gland Packing (4)

Packing Installation Instructions: Valve Stem Gland Packing (4)

Step 4:

Install one ring at a time. Make sure it is clean, and has not picked up any dirt in handling. Seat each ring firmly, making sure it is fully seated before the next ring is installed. Joints of successive rings should be staggered and kept at least 90° apart. When enough rings have been individually seated so that the nose of the gland follower will reach them, individual tamping of the rings should be supplemented by the gland follower. Bring down the gland follower and apply load with the gland bolts.


Step 5:

After the last ring is installed, bring down the gland follower and apply 25% to 35% compression to the entire packing set. If possible, record the gland nut torque values and actuate the valve through five (5) complete cycles (ending with the stem in the down position). Retighten the gland bolt nuts to the previously recorded torque value after each full actuation.


As for valve, we’d like to recommend the following Braided Mechanical Packing products:

ü High Carbon Compression Sealing Packing

ü Graphite Braided Rope Packing

ü Pure PTFE Sealing Packing / Teflon Pump Packing

ü GFO Mechanical Packing / Graphite PTFE Braided Packing


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