Polyurethane Foam Sealing Technology Won

With the development of industrial automation, polyurethane foam seal in the auto industry and manufacturers of production plays an increasingly important role, and is gradually replacing the seal (that is, stamping or strips of rubber seals). Compared to traditional sealing technique, polyurethane foam seal technology has a sealing effect is better, cheaper, more simple and flexible operation, the more widely used and so on.

Ningbo electric power industry association experts, polyurethane foam sealing technology in new products, new technologies, new technology conference was awarded "three new" award.

This event aims to encourage domestic enterprises to increase the intensity of technical innovation to enhance the capability of independent innovation as the adjustment of industrial structure, the core part of the transformation of the growth pattern, continuously strengthen the sense of innovation and perfecting innovation mechanism, nurture creative talents, research and development of new products with high technological content and high added value, new technologies, accelerate the optimization of industry structure and industry upgrading.