Pressure Distribution In The Sealing Process

It can be inferred from the diagram that under different axial pressures, pressure distribution curve of sealing surface is similar: Uneven pressure distribution, showed a hump form.


Through finite element analysis, it is proved that there is a centripetal effect in the process of sealing. As the pressure at both ends of the sealing surface is small, the two ends of the packing are squeezed out, that is, they are tilted away from the polished rod surface, and abrasive particles may enter the friction interface, thus exacerbate the abrasion between packing and polished rod wear. The position of maximum pressure keep the same, always close to the pressure side.

While ensuring the sealing surface has enough sealing pressure, to avoid excessive stress concentration on the sharp corner of packing and the gland and packing box in the axial direction, which may lead to the tear of packing material. Most of the failure positions of packing are basically consistent with the analysis of the maximum pressure in this article.

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