TENGLONG PTFE Packing is divided into five categories, namely:


1.Pure PTFE Packing: 6000EXP

Woven from pure PTFE fiber. Can be used in industries such as chemical, food, medicine, papermaking, chemical fiber etc. where pollution is not allowed. Suitable for all Chemical medium except soluble alkali metal and Free fluorine ion.

ptfe packing without oil.jpg


2.Pure PTFE Packing with Lubricant: 6000 W

Woven from pure PTFE fiber, and lubricated with special lubricant. Long-term use will not change the volume when the stuffing box has the minimum pressure. Its Low friction coefficient prevents heat generation even on the shaft surface at high peripheral speed. Suitable for mechanical seals In corrosion-resistant medium in highly concentrated and highly corrosive and highly oxidizing chemicals. TENGLONG Pure PTFE Packing with lubricant: 6000w, with soft texture and high resilience performance, high temperature resistance and good chemical resistance.

ptfe packing with oil.jpg


3.Graphite-PTFE Packing with lubricant: 6200

Composed of PTFE yarn that contains graphite and anti-corrosion lubricant. It has strong tearing strength and high thermal conductivity. It is stable and long life owning to its low friction coefficient. Can be used to seal blender, mixer sterilizer and centrifugal pumps.

graphite ptfe packing from Tenglong 多.JPG 

4.Graphite-PTFE Packing: 6200 GFO

Woven from Teflon fiber with graphite particles

Black PTFE packing Tenglong 多.JPG


5.PTFE Filament Packing: 6800

Made from multi-strand PTFE wire which is sintered and fully stretched, and completely lubricated in PTFE. Good resistance to compression, anti-extrusion and high structural strength and density. It is one of the best packing in industrial field.



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