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PTFE Sheet is also known as Teflon Sheet. TENGLONG PTFE Sheet offers super low friction, high chemical resistance, low and high temperature capability, resistance to weathering, electrical and thermal insulation, and unrivalled "slipperiness".

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(PTFE Sheet / TENGLONG Sealing)


TENGLONG PTFE Sheet exhibit the following characteristics:

ü  Lowest coefficient of friction of any known material.

ü  PTFE operates up to 500° F.

ü  Tremendous chemical resistance

ü  PTFE is an excellent insulator of heat and electrical charges

ü  Limitations: PTFE has low compressive & tensile strength.


What TENGLONG PTFE Sheet is used for
Owing to its low friction, TENGLONG PTFE sheet is used for applications where sliding action of parts is needed such as plain bearings, slide plates, etc. In these applications, it performs significantly better than nylon and acetal and it is comparable to UHMWPE, although not as resistant to wear.  It’s extremely high bulk resistivity makes it an ideal material for fabricating long-life electrets, which are useful devices being the electrostatic analogues of magnets. In optical radiometry, sheets made from PTFE are used for measuring heads in spectroradiometers and broadband radiometers (e.g., luminance meters and UV radiometers) due to its capability to diffuse a transmitting light nearly perfectly. TENGLONG PTFE sheets have high corrosion resistance and used in laboratory environments as containers for materials such as fluoroantimonic acid.


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(Package of TENGLONG PTFE Sheet)

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(Package of TENGLONG PTFE Sheet) 


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