Rubber Damping Products Research

Dig Bell network news on December 21, national SME share transfer system announcements, Haili via the listing application is approved, and transfer of public today, securities code: 834835.

Announcements, Haili Granville 2015 1 April, 2014 and 2013-operating income was 46.7924 million Yuan, 167 million and 189 million yuan of net profit is 1.0095 million Yuan, Yuan and 9.5911 million Yuan respectively.

Dig shellfish ban Institute, new data show, Haili Granville organised this listing brokers for qilu securities, legal counsel for the Mercure wanshang Beijing US law firms, financial auditing to CPA (special general partnership).

Sea power (Qingdao China new material technology limited) was founded on July 13, 2004, is mainly engaged in the rubber seal and rubber products, such as research and development, production and sales operations, and products are mainly used in the field of automobile and rail traffic.