Seals Use In Life

Seal life is very useful in a wide range of much the same mechanical touch something side seals are used. To cars and planes, little mouse into a lighter and more. Seals are used. Seal of the varieties are many, according to the raw materials can be divided into: compare common silicone rubber seals, fluoro rubber seals, EPDM, PTFE, neoprene, polyurethane, and so on. According to the use can be divided into: acid-resistant seals, alkali-resistant seals, high temperature resistant seals, low temperature resistant seals, oil seals and so on. Many machines without seals cannot be jobs, for example, oil seal, if there is no oil seals may leak, and the machines cannot work. Often seen on television news of crude oil leaked, but it not doing that is to seal, seal of quality is not available. Are important components of mechanical seals, work plays an important effect of the devices. In order to avoid the entry of foreign matter, it is necessary to use in the mechanical seal.

Do not use seals, capable of operation in a different environment. For example, high temperature, acid and alkali solutions, oil and so on. Different environment of seals to choose different materials, for example Viton high temperature properties. Sometimes seals the hardness is also an important factor affecting application of germinal live, not all seal is soft, for example, PTFE seals is pretty hard. Mechanical seals are often viewed, found to be replaced in a timely manner, for example seal deformation, cracking, main factors affecting the life of seals that are operating environment. Temperature are the main factors affecting hardness of seals. In order to add seals at low temperature flexibility down permanent information austerity, it needs to improve the formulation of the information to go into the rubber inside, plus a certain amount of plasticizer. Prolonged immersion in a working medium, plasticizer will gradually absorbed by the working media, forming seals aging shortened. Seals are often viewed. Avoid a fight aging attack.