Spiral Wound Gasket Overview And Main Uses

Spiral Wound Gasket is a widely used gasket. Alternately wounded with V-shaped or W-shaped thin strip and a variety of filler…It has the best resilience among Semi-metallic gasket. SWG can be used under high temperature, high pressure, or under the condition of ultra-low temperature or vacuum environment.


(SWG / TENGLONG Sealing)

TENGLONG Sealing is recognized as leading manufacturer and provider of Gasket products in China. We do produce SWG with inner ring, SWG with outer ring, SWG with inner & outer rings, filler material range from Graphite, PTFE, Non-asbestos to Mica…


(SWG / TENGLONG Sealing)

Main uses of TENGLONG Spiral Wound Gasket:

With excellent resilience, Spiral Wound Gasket can automatically adjust to the pressure thermal cycle and vibration of pipeline system. Particularly suitable for the occasions like uneven load, weak bonding force, periodically varying temperature and pressure, shock or vibration. It usually play the role of static seal in flange connections of valves, pumps, heat exchangers. Spiral Wound Gasket from TENGLONG Sealing has already been widely used in petrochemical, machinery, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, medicine, atomic energy and space industries.




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