Status Of Seal Products

Seal products are electronics products, especially the one of the most important parts of small household electrical appliances, primarily to oil-proof, corrosion-resistant sealing gas to prevent gas leakage. Voltage the seal to prevent leaking, back in the pressure cooker pressure, release when no pressure relief, and play a role in explosion-proof. Last year, the midea electric pressure cooker broke seals are very loose, sometimes fall off, consumers worry about safety problems. Visible, seal products may seem simple, but in the area of quality and safety of household electrical appliances should not be underestimated.

At present, the homogenization of seal products is serious, and most manufacturers only focus on immediate interests, does not pay attention to develop their own features, lack of prominent competitive advantage and not the best economic model, these very unfair to seal industry sustainable development in China. Therefore, the sealing industry needs to speed up standardization construction in China.

In home appliance products, small household electrical appliances have the greatest demand for seal products, sealing products are developed rapidly with the increasingly popular small household appliance market. In the early development of soya-bean milk machine, some of the earlier focus on the research and production of soya-bean milk machine sealing products virtually monopolized the market for seal products, but since 2009, soybean milk machine after the market blast red, small appliance sealing products business along with more up market space is compressed, more and more intense competition in the industry. Fierce competition in the market sparked a fierce price war in order to save costs, derived from a range of cheap low grade soya-bean milk machine products, up a complete set of soya-bean milk machine rubber seal products markets, many enterprises choose to extend production lines, set his sights on the entire rubber seal products of small household electrical appliances market. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2011, Shunde certified undocumented household rubber products companies combined accounts for no less than 150. It can be seen that the fierce market competition, has rubber seal products from soya-bean milk machine market has spread to the entire rubber seal products of small household electrical appliances market.