Super Tank SeaL Made By SUNPASS Shipped To Canada

SUNPASS manlid seal combines the resilience and compression set resistance of EPDM rubber with the outstanding chemical resistance of PTFE. The seal's rectangular elastomeric core is enveloped on three sides: top and bottom sealing faces and the inside diameter with 100% virgin PTFE.


1. Excellent chemical resistance

2. Withstands repeated opening / closing cycles without loss of sealing integrity

Chemical Properties 

1. The PTFE envelope makes the sealing faces and inside diameter chemically inert to media in the range PH 0-14 including all bulk liquid cargoes in all IMO classes

2. The virgin PTFE is non-absorbent, non-tainting, and hygienic for use with foodstuffs and edible oils

Technical Condition                                                                    

1. Available temp: -50C to +150C

2. Design Pressure: Class 150, PN 2.0 Mpa

3. Standard Of Compression Ratio: 20%-30%

4. Standard Spring Rate: 10%

5. Standard Leak Rate: 1.0*10-2

6. Stress Relaxation: 45


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