Tenglong Sealing Manufactory Of High Quality Teflon Flexible Packing With Oil

High Quality Teflon Flexible Packing with Oil description:
STYLE 6000W is Interlock braided PTFE yarn, Long lubricant squeezed out under operating pressure soft , self-lubrication, applicable for dynamic seal at high linear speed. Low coeffient of friction result in easy shaft running. In centrifugal pumps, control valves and special applicationsin the chemical, food stuffs and pharmaceutical industries.

High Quality Teflon Flexible Packing with Oil application areas:
STYLE 6000W can be used in valves, plunger pumps,agitators, mixers,expansion joints,etc. Specifically suited for high pressure valves

High Quality Teflon Flexible Packing with Oil application media:

STYLE 6000W is suitable for water, steam, concentrated acids and caustics ,solvents, oils, fatty a acids, detergents ,aggressive gases, resistant to gamma and neutron rays, hydrogen, heat transfer oils, and most other chemicals and solvents



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