Tenglong Sealing’s Ceramic Fiber Paper


Ceramic fiber paper is manufactured from high-grade ceramic fiber with low slag ball content, and formed into excellent flexible sheet through unique beating, des-lagging, slurry-compounding, long net forming, vacuum water removal, drying, cutting and rolling processes. 

It is featured with high temperature resistance and heat insulation and high anti-melt capability, very low thermal conductivity, chemical corrosion resistance and thermal shock stability.

So the paper can be widely used in building, glass industry for teeming pads separation. It provides maximum heat resistance and thermal insulation in limited space.


Ceramic fiber paper’s advantage:

Low thermal conductivity heat storage and heat capacity

Excellent heat insulation Excellent chemical stability

Shock and chemical attack resistant

Low thermal conductivity and shrinkage

Resilience under working condition, low shrinkage under high temperature

Excellent sound insulation and resistance of folding


Ceramic fiber paper’s application: 

Industrial furnace, Heat treatment, High temperature pipe

Insulating materials of boiler, turbine and nuclear power

Insulating material for face and top of industrial furnaces and heating device

Excellent sound insulation for Construction Fire protection

High temperature filter material for nonferrous metal




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