Tenglong Sealing’s Graphite Packing

Graphite packing is made from pure graphite yarn,braided into packing through all kinds of technology of braiding.It can be reinforced with other metalor non-metal material.The products are almost suitable to all media,such as not water,steam,acids,alkalis,organic solvents,hydrocarbons,low temperature liquids,ect.The sealing capability is more better and safety.It is the most effective composite parts for solving problems.



Graphite packing is a highly resistant sealant used in systems with valves, faucets, and stuffing boxes, as well as other machines with watertight mechanical parts. It can be applied either to static valve stems or to moving joints.



High-performance pure graphite valve and pump packing suitable for plant wide applications with excellent chemical and temperature resistance. Manufactured from expanded graphite for outstanding sealing ability.

1. Suitable for high pressure, high temperature applications.

2. Offering excellent sealing and operational reliability for both Original Equipment    

3. Manufacturers and plant users alike

4. Fire-Safe

Technical Datas:

Rotary Reciprocating  Valve
PH Range0-14
Temp.1650C in non oxidizing condition -204C in cryogenics -185 to +450 in oxid -185 to +650C in steam


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