The American Customer Ordered The Graphite-PTFE Packing(Electric) 8000KGS From Tenglong China Thanks For Customer Order

The American Customer Ordered 8000KGS of Graphite-PTFE Packing(electric). The information about the shippment:

The goods are sending into the warehouse of NINGBO port.

The dimension of products:

1.Size: 8X8MM  2000KGS

2.Size:10X10MM 2000KGS

3.Size:12X12MM 2000KGS

4.Size:16X16MM 1000KGS

5.Size:20X20MM 1000KGS

Any other size can be designed by customers.

Graphite and PTFE packing(electric) was made from graphite-PTFE compound without lubricant very good thermal conductivity. High flexibility and volumetric stability, no embrittlement or ageing. Long life with good operating efficiency. Gentle treatment of shafts.

The application of graphite and PTFE packing(electric):

1.Graphite and PTFE packing(electric) can be used in pumps,agitatros mixers and kneader centrifugal pumps, agitators, involving high peripheral speeds and temperatures, where pure PTFE packing fail.

2.Graphite and PTFE packing(electric) is suitable for liquid and gaseous, acids, lye, solvents, adhesives, abrasive and crystalline media like sewage, slurries, salt, etc.

The advantages of graphite and PTFE packing(electric):

1.PTFE and graphite is closely woven.

2.High heat conductive.

3.Helps prevent extrusion problems.

6200GFO High Quality Grade from Tenglong_副本

6200GFO Graphite-PTFE Packing 2_副本


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