The Brazil Customer Ordered The Fiberglass Fabric Fire Proof Blanket 3000 PCS From Tenglong

O cliente Brasil encomendou o tecido de fibra de vidro à prova de fogo 3000 PCS de Tenglong China, obrigado por ordem do cliente


Fiberglass Fabric Fire Proof Blanket reusable without damage, compared to water-based, dry powder fire extinguishers:

1.No expiration date

2. No secondary pollution after use;

3. Insulation, high temperature resistance;

4. Easy to carry, easy to configure, quick to use, and reusable without damage.

Fiberglass Fabric Fire Proof Blanket is a very soft fire-fighting appliance, it can extinguish the fire with the fastest speed in the initial stage of the fire, controlling the spread of the disaster can also be used as a protective item for timely escape, as long as the blanket is wrapped around the body, since Fiberglass Fabric Fire Proof Blanket is fireproof, insulation characteristics, the human body can be well protected during escape.



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