The India Customers Ordered The Non-Asbestos Sheet From Tenglong China

Non-asbestos Sheet is made from kevlar fiber, natural rubber, aramid fiber, filling materials and dye. Compressed and calendered under high temperature and pressure into a sheet form. It eliminates Synthetic Fiber rubber sheet essentially and thoroughly.

Typical Application

>Suitable for water, high temperature steam, compressed air, joint part of tubing, valve, heat exchanger, etc.

>Can be used in food and medicine industrial.

Prime Features

>100% not including asbestos

>Wide range of temperatures


>Black, black with white, blue, green with white, etc. It can be produced following your requirements.

>Available with steel, copper, SS etc. Mesh insertion (B101**M)

>With anti-stick (B101**S), Graphite coating (B101**G)

>Can put your logo on.




package of asbestos free sheet from Tenglong2_看图王


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