The Korea Customer Ordered The Teflon Impregnated Aramid Fiber Packing 5000 KGS From Tenglong China

한국 고객은 Tenglong China에서 테프론 함침 아라미드 섬유 패킹

5000 KGS 주문 고객 감사합니다


Teflon Impregnated Aramid Fiber Packing is made of aramid fiber impregnated with PTFE emulsion and lubricant, and then woven. Teflon Impregnated Aramid Fiber Packing is usually used as a dynamic seal or static seal area with granular crystal media. Teflon Impregnated Aramid Fiber Packing has excellent lubricity and wear resistance, and it is especially suitable for solid-liquid mixing fluid devices.

Teflon Impregnated Aramid Fiber Packing equipment: Teflon Impregnated Aramid Fiber Packing is used for the sealing of many high wear parts such as ash pump, reactor, and slurry pump.


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