The Saudi Arabia Customer Ordered The Graphite Gaskets 3000 PCS From Tenglong

The Saudi Arabia Customer Ordered the Graphite Gaskets 3000 PCS From Tenglong China Thanks For Customer Order


طلب العميل السعودي حشوات الجرافيت 3000 قطع من شركة Tenglong China. شكراً لطلبات العملاء


Graphite Gaskets from pure graphite plate cutting holes or cut, it has a good anticorrosive and high/low temperature resistance, good compression resilience and high strength, all kinds of circular complex geometric gasket is widely used in pipe, valve, pump, pressure vessels, heat exchanger, condenser, generator, air compressor, exhaust pipe, refrigerator, etc.

And Graphite Gasket without eyelet 1000 PCSGraphite Gasket with inner eyelet 500 PCSGraphite Gasket with outer eyelet 500 PCS and Graphite Gasket with inner and outer eyelets 1000 PCS. It's more durable if you have an eyelet.



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