The Swedish Customers Ordered The Basalt Tape From Tenglong China

Basalt tapes can be produced in different versions, which differ depending on the application in the yarn’s or roving’s linear density, the weave, the finishing type, the mesh size and the grammage.

The basalt fiber tape is ideal for selective reinforcement of laminates, sleeve or pipe winding, seams, and molding. These tapes are referred to as tapes for their width and appearance, that can even have an adhesive applied on the back. Their finished edges offer easier handling and a clean, finished appearance, and keep the tape from unraveling.

Tapes are meant to be used with a resin, they saturate easily, and are compatible with epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester. We provide a line of standard tapes matching with our most used fabrics, but we are constantly developing new weaves and applications for specific projects. If you need a customized tape size and weave, don't hesitate in contacting us.


Basalt tapes are particularly well suited for applications such as: heat shield for example, exhaust systems; fire protection; reinforcement and vibration-damping material in composites; high-temperature resistant material for cable manufacturing.





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