The Tenglong Sealed Silicone Rubber Seal

The company has advanced microwave curing line, complete sets of anti-pressure pipe production lines, Lian Lian, open workshop, car booster hose production workshop, and a product research and development center, has formed a "raw material ratio, new product development, Product molding "of the one-stop production model. Forward the company dare to "the same product than the quality, the same quality than the price" as a sales position, to provide customers with quality and cheap products in the domestic market which won the vanguard for the Chinese rubber industry and make due contributions.


Silicone rubber seal is completely different from the ordinary tape, it has excellent resistance to compression deformation performance, so the sealing contact surface can do more, very effective to block the activities of the window part of the leakage into the noise! More than ordinary rubber strip insulation function, the seal durable, life and doors and windows life synchronization, once and for all, no worries. Minus 50 ℃ will not be hard, high temperature 200 ℃.