The Vietnam Customer Ordered The Flexible Graphite Composite Sheet SS304 FLATTENED 10000 SHEETS From Tenglong China Thanks For Customer Order

Khách hàng Việt Nam đặt hàng tấm graphite 10000 SHEETS từ Tenglong Trung Quốc Cảm ơn đơn đặt hàng của khách hàng


Flexible Graphite Composite Sheet SS304 FLATTENED has high processing capacity, can provide ultra-thin, large graphite plate and spliced graphite plate;

According to the need, Flexible Graphite Composite Sheet SS304 FLATTENED can provide extrusion, vibration molding, compression molding, isostatic pressing of graphite plate, graphite square, graphite garden;

According to different technical requirements, the graphite plate, graphite square and graphite garden can be treated with anti-oxidation treatment, impervious treatment and enhanced treatment to improve the performance and prolong the service life;


Tenglong-graphite sheet1.jpg

 Tenglong-graphite sheet2.jpg


Size: T:3MMXW:1500MMXL:1500MM





We also have material of SS316, also could reinforced by Flattened or Tanged.

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