The Vietnamese Customers Ordered The Carbon Cloth From Tenglong China

Carbon fiber first began serving a growing range of applications in industries such as Welding, Steel, Ship building and Steam turbines, and so on. Carbon fiber can be combined with a diverse range of other materials, gaining exciting new characteristics that are expected to open up a whole new dimension of applications in space development, next-generation energy and beyond.

Woven from best quality carbonized fiber, used as heat insulation materials and an excellent substitute for asbestos cloth, it offers lightness and strength significantly superior to conventional materials, combined with excellent process ability.

Mechanical properties:

Lower density than metal, with higher tensile strength and elastic modulus.

Outstanding fatigue, wear and frictional properties;

Thermal properties:

Low coefficient of thermal expansion and outstanding dimensional stability.

Minimal deterioration inn mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, and low thermal conductivity at ultra-low temperatures.

Chemical properties:

Excellent chemical stability, with outstanding resistance to acids, alkalis and various solvents





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