PTFE Molded Sheet

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PTFE molded sheet is manufactured by molding method with PTFE granular resin. 

PTFE molded sheet is the most chemical resistance of all known plastics. It does not age. It has the lowest coefficient of friction of all known solid materials and a wide range of practicable temperature from -180%°C - +260°C.

PTFE Sheet Material:      

100% virgin PTFE or Recycle PTFE.As customer`s request

Technical Datas:

Length(mm)×Width(mm) Thickness(mm)
Nominal Tolerance
150×150 1.0-30 ±0.30-±0.50
250×250 1.5-30 ±0.30-±0.50
300×300 1.5-30 ±0.30-±0.50
450×450 1.5-30 ±0.30-±0.50
600×600 2-30 ±0.30-±0.50
800×800 3-30 ±0.30-±0.50
1000×1000 3-30 ±0.30-±0.50
1200×1200 3-30 ±0.30-±0.50
1000×2000 5-35 ±0.30-±0.60
1500×1500 5-30 ±0.30-±0.50
1800×1800 8-30 ±0.30-±0.50
2000×2000 8-30 ±0.30-±0.50

Main properties:

Properties Unit Result
Apparent density g/cm3 2.10-2.30
Tensile strength (min) MPa 15
Ultimate elongation (min) % 150
Dielectric strength(min) KV/mm 10


Lining Bearing pads, seals, and electrical insulation.





1. What is your MOQ?

MOQ may vary by customer's special requirement; we try our best to meet your business requirement.  

2. What's your payment terms?

We normally do T/T, and we can also offer western union account for transfer money. And more flexible payment terms, welcome to have a discuss.  

3. Can you provide samples?

Yes, we can offer samples, and some samples are free  

4. Can you delivery by express?

Yes, we can delivery by any express.  

5. When will the sample be ready?

Normally, the sample can be ready in 3 days.

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