Packing Tool Hook

Packing Tool Hook
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Before using the combination packing tool, a different length of the tie rod and the corresponding size crochet wrench should be selected according to the size of the packing to assemble a packing lifting tool, and then the cone is screwed into the two points of the packing pair. Rotate for a few weeks, as follows:

1. Pull the packing:The handle is pulled out with one hand and one handle. (Note that both hands are evenly applied)

2, add packing:Before installing the packing, it is necessary to select the matching packing according to the specific working conditions. After each turn, the packing is slowly pressed along the circumference or the bearing packing and installed in the correct position.      

NumName   Specification   PerformanceBottomQuantity/PCS
A1Flexible handling handle320MMFlexible tie rodFlexible handling2
A2Flexible handling handle260MMFlexible tie rodFlexible handling2
A3Flexible handling handle145MMFlexible tie rodFlexible handling2
A4Rigid hookΦ8MMRigidityCutting edge1
A5Rigid hookΦ5MMRigidityCutting edge1
A6Rigid hookΦ4MMRigidityCutting edge1
A7Curved crochetΦ10MMCurvedFlexible handling3
A8Curved crochetΦ8MMCurvedFlexible handling3
A9Curved crochetΦ6MMCurvedFlexible handling3
A10Thread drillΦ10MMStraightFlexible handling1
A11Thread drillΦ8MMStraightFlexible handling1
A12Thread drillΦ6MMStraightFlexible handling1
A14Tool Box13"DurableDurable1